Open Educational Resources(OER)

UNESCO believes that popularizing high-quality education is the key to build a peaceful and sustainable social as well as the key to the intercultural dialogue between economy development and culture. Open Educational Resources (OER) provides a strategic opportunity to the improvement of educational quality, the coordination of policy dialogue, knowledge sharing, capacity building and etc.

OER includes:

(1) Open access of educational contents, including course module, course material, teaching material, streaming video, multimedia App, blog and any other public materials that are designed for teaching and learning;

(2) Open standards and agreements, including the protection agreement of intellectual property and copyright, the agreement to use the software, the standard of resources development and storage and more;

(3) Open tools and platforms, namely, the tools used for develop, publish and utilize OER.

HuaYu-Public College --Committed to The Improvement And Promotion of Open Educational Resources

Future - A brighter Future for Education

  • Resources Enrichment

    Have fairly rich high-quality course and teaching resources that can constantly be enriched and updated. Meet the demands of social education, social members diversification and individualized lifelong learning.

  • Easier Access

    Provide the teaching resources extremely easily for students via a variety of ways and provide support services to help students effectively using resources to self-directed study.

  • Social Integration

    Form a more open common mechanism which can fully and effectively gather, integrate and use high-quality teaching resources from the whole society and the whole system.